Cultural / Literary Club – A Club that guides you about how to develop your personality.

Cultural Literary Club with its components as Literary Club, Debate Club, Drama Club, Art Club and Film Club is a centre that guides students about how to develop their personalities. Personality is not merely concerned with the way one conducts himself or herself in public. Rather it is an amalgam of a whole lot of qualities. These traits include one’s confidence level, the way one deals with other people while working in a team, basic manners and etiquettes, fluency in communication and language, learning new things in one’s area of interest. Cultivating a positive attitude and maintaining a pleasing and charming disposition while facing various situations in life is what counts.


Cultural / Literary Club under the auspices of Department of Students Welfare, University of Kashmir organise numerous programmes which help the students to develop their personalities. The Club aims at providing students with cultural environment so as to shape their all-round personality and develop their physical, mental, social, aesthetical and spiritual dimensions and cultivate basic human qualities like honesty, integrity, industriousness and tolerance. So that they may prove to be the cultural custodians and make wonderful citizens of our society. The Club organizes various activities including Seminars, Debates, Quiz Programmes, Elocutions, Creative Writing Competitions, Fine Arts, Theatre Events, Youth Festivals, Cultural/Literary Tours, Youth Exchange Programmes at Local, Zonal, National & International level.


Students expand the horizons of their talent, their skills and their expertise through the participation in  youth exchange programmes and festivals every year. These programmes for them are a fulfilling, sustaining and developing artistic experience through which they take an arrow-like flight towards their grandest goal and distinct artistic aim. So, they always desire, aspire and avail this excellent opportunity. That offer them a sound platform to exhibit the endless reservoir of their unexpressed abilities and to showcase the complete menagerie of their unfathomed capabilities and unexplored dreams.