First of all, it brings me a feeling of immense pleasure to welcome all the students of University of Kashmir, Srinagar, (J&K) and congratulate them for choosing this university for higher education and research. The report of Radhakrishnan made an important recommendation as early as in 1948 for the appointment of Dean Students Welfare for coordinating student services in all Indian Universities. Subsequently, the Education Commission in 1960 also recommended that Universities should appoint Dean Students Welfare and accordingly the University Grants Commission desired from all the Universities in India to establish an office of Dean Students Welfare in their Universities.

 As in the capacity of Dean of Student Welfare, our office works for the overall holistic development approach to enrich our students. Here, all the activities are undertaken as a measure of prime concern for overall growth of the students. We believe that co-curricular activities play a key role in the holistic development of learners. Hence, our university is committed to promoting all such activities with an aim to ensure the holistic development of our students.The office of Dean Students Welfare functions as a hub of various activities that promote fraternity, cooperation, assimilation, accommodation, and unity among the students. To unleash the talent of our students, we meticulously work and promote physical education, youth welfare and cultural / literary activities and NSS activities. Besides dealing with students’ misconduct and other such irregularities to ensure discipline and safety of the students. 

As the prime objective of the Office of the Dean Students Welfare stands for the Welfare of the Students and to offer them a conducive environment to express their innate creative talent by way of organizing a wide variety of programmes. The Office intends to widen its role by way of initiating different collaborative programmes with organizations like Indian Red Cross Society, State Women’s Commission, Department of Social Welfare, State Rehabilitation Centre, Health Department, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Doordarshan Kendra, Radio Kashmir, Directorate of Information, Indian Institute of Public Administration, etc. the department is also exploring the possibilities of networking at National and International level.

Here, I find an opportunity to thank my highly dedicated team members, who are always on their toes to help the students in the best possible ways.  Besides, I express my gratitude to respected Vice-Chancellor Prof. Prof. Nilofer Khan for her cooperation and guidance.

My sincere regards 


Prof. Aneesa Shafi