Campus Film Club

Good values of life are like a torch, which guides us through our journey of life.  We need values to prevent our society from disintegrating into chaos. We need values to live meaningfully to interact with each other and find relationship, which we can maintain through the lives. Value education is one of the most important parts of education. Art can inculcate sensitivity and values in young minds. Cinema which is a modern art form can be important medium to change the mindset of our young students. The good films from the international cinema can enrich young minds with values to be cherished to propagate film as an Art Form and to conduct film related academic activities I have created this group


Apart from academics, it is essential that every student should have the opportunity to explore the creative world. Keeping this in mind, the Film Club will serve as the platform to provide these opportunities to the students.

The AIMS & OBJECTIVES of the Club will be:

·         To promote cinematic culture among the students at Kashmir University and to encourage a milieu where ‘poetry in motion’ becomes one of the great sources for their aesthetic and academic excellence;

·         To conduct film making courses/lectures to enable and encourage the students to take films, electronic media as their profession and develop a new avenue to them;

·         To organize short Film Appreciation Courses to initiate students in appreciation of cinema;

·         To expose the students to the richness and variety of International and National Cinema;

·         To emphasize the cultural diversity by screening different films made in different languages with subtitles;

·         To emphasize the cultural diversity and value education through the Good Cinema;

·         To conduct monthly screenings of films classics from the world Cinema during the academic year;

·         To develop film books and DVD library for study and reference!/groups/182263221881082/